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SW Florida .Net Developers Group

Holdin' it down for .Net development on the Platinum Coast of FL

“Have you always wanted to release your own commercial software product? Can’t find the right market? Don’t know what your business model should be? If you’re serious about releasing your own revenue generating software then this is the session for you. This session lays out a Roadmap you can following to successfully create and release you own commercial product.

I own my own niche SaaS software product. mGroomer – Mobile software for the mobile pet groomer. I believe all developers have the ability to create their own commercial software product they are just missing the marketing and customer development skills to do it. In this session I shares what skills and techniques you need to learn to create and release your own successful commercial product. This is no quick rich Internet scheme. Rather a road map for technical people to follow so they can successfully release their own commercial product.”

Please join us as Al Rosales, Software Development Manager at Arthrex, takes us through his road-map for starting your own software company. Afterwards, we’ll partake in some networking at the Boston Beer Garden.

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Local Angular expert Mark Freedman will be presenting on AngularJS  Thursday, May 27th. The event is hosted at  VentureX and will start at 6:30PM. For more information check out our fancy new Meetup page and while you’re there, RSVP for the event! AngularJS On-Ramp 

How many times have you seen an app that was available for iOS, Android, and… nobody else?

How many times have you seen an app that was only available for Windows Phone?

Kent Pickard will show you how to publish apps so that nobody gets left out. Using Xamarin, the pre-eminent cross platform mobile dev tool, you can make sure everyone can download your app.

We’re meeting at a new spot this month: Venture X, the swank new co-working facility in Naples, is hosting us on the 27th, starting at 6:30pm. It’s a place of business, so act accordingly.

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Patrick Davis will formally take over leadership of Group on Thursday, January 23rd at the Polaris Center. In addition, he will present the topic for the January meeting: Azure for Developers.

Azure for Developers takes on a whole new meaning in that context. Azure is, in many ways, an enterprise technology, whilst many of you are developers pursuing your interests on a developer’s budget. Patrick understands this, and will speak to those concerns, showing you a way to leverage Azure without necessarily being part of an enterprise.

I hope you’ll give him your full support and assistance.

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Greetings, Devs!

We’ll be meeting at the Polaris Center (1265 Creekside Parkway, Naples) to share a little holiday cheer, to look at some code, to have fun prizes, and to transition the leadership of this Group.

We hope you’ll join us Wednesday, 12/18 at 6:30pm for good times!